RC Hill Guaranteed Appraisal

RC Hill Mitsubishi has teamed up with AutoTrader™ to offer you an easy way to get a Guaranteed Appraisal from the largest source of Pre-Owned Vehicles. With this service, RC Hill Mitsubishi allows consumers/sellers to get an actual offer for their vehicle rather than an estimate or range of potential values that many of the other trade-appraisal services provide.

How does it work?

    * The seller simply inputs the information about the vehicle, including the make and model, the model year, major factory-installed options, other upgrades and maintenance information, color and details about the condition, including any major repairs or accident damage.
    * AutoTrader™ will then calculate a price and produce a printable purchase offer. The seller can then take the purchase offer to RC Hill Mitsubishi. RC Hill Mitsubishi will inspect the car to confirm that it matches the description provided by the seller and then write the seller a check for that amount.
    * The seller will then have the option to keep the check or apply it towards a new vehicle.