It's Spring, and already, my backs up, against the wall. That puts me in a real pickle, So, I'm throwing my nickel pickle sale. So, you can drive a nice new car for just 5 cents down. Hey this is RC Hill from RC Hill Mitsubishi in Deland. I'm in a pickle and you can drive for a nickel. Plus, get way more, and I mean way more for your trade up to $4,297 more than it's actually worth. No matter where you bought the car. No matter how much you owe on it. It's simple - trade in the old car you hate driving and get a new car today. RC Hill Mitsubishi is able to approve customers with below average credit scores. So, this week only, for just a nickel you can drive a Worry-free car and get a lot more for your trade. visit me at

*DRIVING A CAR YOU HATE CAN CAUSE SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS, INCLUDING: cutting into your social media time due to more time spent hiding your car from friends and family, while driving a nicer, newer car will cause increased confidence that leads to a job promotion that then leads to you taking that much deserved 7 day cruise with the love of your life, and yes, this might be an exaggeration but so what? Driving a new car can be your first step to a better life! It's easy to make your car dreams come true today at R.C. Hill Mitsubishi. 

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